How to open aadhar card PDF file password

How to open aadhaar card pdf file password?

As we are heading towards an advanced country where everything is available on our phone whether it’s a debit card or some important documents. Now you can also have your Aadhar card in your phone known as e Aadhar. This e Aadhar will be your virtual Aadhar available on the phone in a PDF format.

How to open aadhar card PDF file password

In order to open your E Aadhar PDF file, you need to enter a definite and valid password. There is a basic pattern which you need to follow in order to write your password. After entering the password your E Aadhar will be opened in a PDF format. In this article, we will show you how easy it is to enter your password and open up your Aadhaar PDF file. You need to follow all the instructions step by step to easily open the Aadhar Card PDF file password. 

Now, let’s dive into this article to gain all the information related to the Aadhar card password.

What is an Aadhar password?

Aadhar password was made to protect your Aadhaar biometric details so that your information will be saved.

As we all know E Aadhar has been launched to make our lives easier and less time consuming but there developed a question. 

Is our Aadhar data secured in the phone?

How can we be so sure that our Aadhar information like Aadhar number and some biometric details available on our Aadhar card is protected from frauds and scammers?

So the authority showed up with the concept of E Aadhar password. The idea is that if you want to open your E Aadhar you need to enter the password which is a combination of your name mentioned in your Aadhar card and your birth year. All the alphabets would be in capital letters. You need to write four alphabets of your name mentioned in your Aadhar card followed by your birth year.

When you enter your correct password then only you can open your E Aadhar PDF file. So you need to fill the password section quite carefully however it is an easy task.

How to open the Aadhar card PDF file password?

Many people find it difficult to open their Aadhaar Card PDF file password as there are some instructions to follow which they don’t know. That’s why we are here for you. In this article, you will get the step by step guide to open the Aadhar Card PDF file password. So let’s get started and learn the easiest and simple way to open your E Aadhar PDF file password.

To open the Aadhar Card PDF you need to first download it. They get easily downloaded in your phone and laptop through UIDAI official website. There are many other ways to download it but UIDAI is safe and secure.

After you have done the installation part your e Aadhar card which is the electronic copy of your Aadhar card will be installed inside your laptop or mobile in PDF form.

You can now go to downloads and there you will find your e Aadhar in a PDF file format. Now open that PDF. You need to enter an 8 digit password to open the Aadhar.

Your password will follow a pattern where you have to enter the first four letters of your name mentioned in your Aadhar card in capital letters and after that without giving space enter your birth year in digits.

We can take here an example to create a better understanding.

Let’s assume your name is Ravi and you were born in 1999. According to this information, your e Aadhar password will be 


When you enter your password your PDF Aadhar will open on your mobile or laptop screen.

You can see how effortless this is. You just have to simply enter an 8 digit password and you will get access to your Aadhar card. Now you can open your Aadhar card anywhere and anytime on your phone.

Where did you find the password to open Aadhar? 

Every Indian has a unique name. Maybe your name doesn’t have 4 letters to enter or there is any other issue you are dealing with.

For such reasons, UIDAI has mentioned different ways to open an Aadhar PDF file. You can check out their website and read it. Apart from that here we have summaries the different ways to enter the password. 

Case 1 

If your name on your Aadhar card contains less than four alphabets and a birth year then you can take one alphabet from your title. 

Ex. Name – Sia kumari

      Year – 1995

      Password – SIAK1995

Case 2 

If your name on your Aadhar card contains less than four alphabets with no title and a birth year then enter your 7 digit password. It won’t be an issue.

Ex. Name – Sia

      Year – 1995

      Password – Sia1995

Case 3 

If your name on your Aadhar card includes a comma or a full stop then you have to include that too while entering your name and birth year.

Ex. Name – A.K. Anurag

       Year 1950

       Password – A.K.1950

This article consists of all the information which you should know about e aadhar password. There is a step to step guide of “How to open the aadhar card pdf file password.” We have also included some cases to make sure our readers won’t come up with any problem regarding password names. Go through the article and all your doubts will be cleared. Hope this post will be helpful for you.

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