How To Get The PVC Aadhar Card

PVC Aadhar card is the new and updated version of our outdated Aadhar cards. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Aadhar Card comes in a plastic cover with lamination giving it a refined look followed by some security features. You can get your PVC Aadhar card through UIDAI website where they will speed post your Aadhar card to your residence.

How To Get The PVC Aadhar Card

Today in this article we will have a look at the importance of PVC Aadhar Card and how we can get our PVC Aadhar Card online within 15 days.

So let’s begin our journey and dig out more data about the latest PVC Aadhar card.

What is a PVC Aadhar card?

PVC Aadhar card is the brand new update from our Aadhar Associates. The PVC Aadhar Card includes some features which were not available in the old one. This PVC Aadhar card is pocket friendly, it is very compatible and similar as your Credit or debit card. The PVC Aadhar card is made up of plastic cover with the finest quality. With the addition to all these features, this PVC Aadhar Card contains all the biometric and demographic information as your old Aadhar card.

Plenty of security features are embedded in this brand new PVC Aadhar card. Let’s have a look at them.

  • This PVC Aadhar Card has given an elegant printing quality.
  • This Aadhar card contains a QR code which helps in offline verification.
  • This Aadhar card is pocket-friendly. You can use it on a go.
  • This Aadhar Card contains all the latest security features like Hologram, ghost image and guilloche pattern.
  • This new Aadhar card contains issue date and print date which was not available in the old version.
  • This Aadhar Card comes with a secret logo which is not visible on the card.

How to download this PVC Aadhar card?

You can easily order the PVC Aadhar card through their online portal. We have given a step by step guide to download your PVC Aadhar Card online.

Step 1

To download the PVC Aadhar Card first you have to open the official UIDAI website on your browser.

Step 2

On the UIDAI website scroll down and you will get the option of ordering an Aadhar PVC card in the Get Aadhar section.

Step 3

Now you will get a message from the UIDAI website. click ok.

Step 4 

Now a new tab will open. Here you have to fill in some details like your Aadhar number. After that, there will be a captcha code. Fill the code in the vacant space.

Step 5

If your contact number is not registered in your Aadhar card then click on the checkbox given below otherwise leave it empty.

Step 6

If your phone number is registered you will get an OTP on your registered phone number. Fill the given OTP in the blank space given below and click on submit. Don’t forget to mark the check box of terms and conditions.

Step 7

You will be directed now on a new tab where you can preview your Aadhar card. Your number will be shown on the screen if it is registered. You can make your payment from here.

Step 8 

After payment, you will get your PVC Aadhar Card within 15 to 20 days at your home through speed post.

PVC Aadhar Card Status

If you want you can check the status of your ordered PVC Aadhar card. You just need to have the SRN number given by the UIDAI website while making payment.

Note: Always save your SRN number. 

If you want to check your PVC Aadhar Card you can go on UIDAI official website and click on check PVC Aadhar status.

A new page will be open where you have to give your SRN number, Aadhar number and captcha code. After giving all the details click on check status. You will get your PVC Aadhar Card status in front of your screen.

In the following article, we have seen the importance of PVC Aadhar card and how we can order our PVC Aadhar card. Also, we have guided step by step how anyone can order online their PVC Aadhar card. We hope this article gives all the needed information to our users.

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