How to fill aadhar card form?

Most of us need an Aadhar card as the identity proof. As the situations are arising, we can say in coming days you won’t encounter a single person without an Aadhar card.

Every single Indian citizen will have the pocket-sized Aadhar card or Digital Aadhar card (Eaadhar) in their pocket. That’s why in this article we are going to elaborately explain How to fill aadhar card form.

It is the most important process if you wanna apply for the Aadhar card in 2020 because first, you have to fill the form and after that submit it to your nearby Enrollment centre.

How to fill aadhar card form?

There are some methods and instructions given below for our readers to fill the Aadhar card form without any confusion or errors.

Follow the given steps to fill the Aadhar card form correctly.

Step 1. First of all, you have to tick the checkbox which correctly explains your citizenship. If you are living in India then tick mark the first checkbox and leave the other.

Step 2. Now jump on the 2.1 column that details what you want to give as your Biometric data for the verifications. To be on the safe side check on all boxes, for example, Mobile, Date of Birth, Address, Name, Gender, Email.

Step 3. Fill up your name in this step. Try to write in capital letters so that the form will look neat and clean.

Step 4. Tick the checkbox which determines your Gender. Three options are provided here Male, Female and Transgender.

Step 5. In the 5th column, you can fill your date of birth or directly your age. Below date of birth, you will get two options named as “Declared” or “Verified”. If you have any kind of document as proof for your date of birth, then mark the verified checkbox. To verify the date of birth you can provide PAN Card, Ration Card, Marksheet from School or College, Date of Birth Certificate as the document proof. If you do not have anything which is a case that happens rarely, then mark the declared option.

Step 6. In the 6th column, the applicants have to fill their detailed Address. Fill your House number/ Building/ Apartment, Street/ Road/ Lane, Land Mark, Area/ Locality/ Sector, Village/ Town/ City, Post Office. Now fill your District, Sub-District, State, Email, Mobile Number, Pin Code.

Note: It is mandatory to fill your mobile number on the 6th column because from here the applicants get messages to verify the Aadhar card.

Step 7. In the 7th column, the applicants need to fill details regarding your parents or guardians. This portion is mainly for children who are below 5 years. Five options are provided here, Father, Mother, Guardian, Husband and Wife. Choose any one from the options and fill their Name or EID/ Aadhar Number.

Step 8. In the 8th column, the applicants have to tell the medium through which they would verify their identity or verify the details they have given already in the form. This step is the most important one, so fill every detail with attention. In the column of Verification Type three options are provided:

  1. Document-Based: If you choose this way to verify your details, you need to submit documents in the verification process. We recommend in the verification type always choose the document-based type of verifications.
  1. Introducer Based: In this type of verifications, you need to pick a person who can help in your verifications or in submitting your Identity. 
  1. Head of Family (HOF) Based: Applicants can also choose Head of their Family in the verification type. As the name suggests, the head of your family will help you in proving your identification.

The Applicants who choose document-based verification have to define what document they are going to submit in the given sections.

The Applicants who choose Introducer Based verification have to define their Aadhar number.

The Applicants who choose Head of Family (HOF) Based verification have to choose relation with the Head of Family (HOF) and then fill their Aadhar number.

Step 10. This is the last step, Just fill the applicant’s name and mention their signature. We hope you get an insight into how to fill the Aadhar card form. We have explained all the steps in details. The applicants need to fill every column. Don’t miss my of them and try to make no errors while filling the form

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