How To Download E Aadhar Card Online

In today’s world, e aadhar is really in demand. It saves time and has proved to be useful stuff. Today our discussion will revolve around e Aadhar, process to download e Aadhar, how can we use OTP to download e Aadhar, Aadhar card download by using Aadhar number and easiest way to download e Aadhar.

How To Download E Aadhar Card Online

So without wasting time let’s start our discussion to download your e Aadhar effortlessly.

What is e aadhar?

E Aadhar is an imaginary copy of your physical Aadhar card protected by a unique password. The password consists of your name and birth year illustrated in your physical Aadhar card. It will be on your phone in pdf format so that there will be no issue of misplacing it. It includes all your biometric details like name, father’s name, gender, address, contact number and any other data. E aadhar will be your electronic aadhar card which you can use to avail subsidies, in bank accounts and also as your identity proof.

According to 2016 Aadhar act, “No bank or any government entity can reject your e Aadhar. It is legally valid all over India. ” 

UIDAI manages e aadhar and in case of any query or question, you can message to the official site of UIDAI.

How to download Aadhar card online?

You can easily download your Aadhar card online from the UIDAI website. You just need to have your 12 digit Aadhar number and registered mobile number. 

So let’s see how we can do this:-

Step 1. Go to your browser and type “The official UIDAI website.”

Step 2. A page will open where you get no. of websites link but click on the very first link you see that will be the official website.

Step 3. Now you will be directed on the official page of the Aadhar card. If you scroll down you will get numbers of options associated with an Aadhar card. There will be a “Get Aadhar” section. There you will get the option for “Download Aadhar.”

Step 4. After selecting “Download Aadhar” a new page will open where you have to fill some of your Aadhar details. 

Step 5. You will notice there will be a section of “I Have” consisting of three options. You are free to go with any of them. Let us choose here Virtual ID (VID).

Step 6. Enter your 16 digit VID number. 

Step 7. Next, there will be a checkbox available asking, “Did you want a masked Aadhar?” If you want your Aadhar card to be masked which means some of your Aadhar numbers will be hidden then click on the checkbox.

Step 8. Enter the security Captcha witnessed in the accessible picture.

Step 9. Click on send OTP


            Click on send TOTP

These are the simple steps which you have to follow properly if you want to download your virtual Aadhar card (e Aadhar). All the steps mentioned here are the same for both laptop and mobile.

How to use OTP to download an Aadhar card?

Downloading an Aadhar card on your phone is very simple. While downloading some people get confused with OTP and TOTP. OTP is a one time password and TOTP is a Time based one-time password. Both of them are for security reasons. 

In my opinion, OTP is handy to use. You just need a registered number. If your number is registered with an Aadhar card, nothing else is needed. 

I am assuming here that your number is registered and you want to download your Aadhar card.

Let’s see how can we do this:-

Step 1. Go to the official UIDAI site.

Step 2. Select download Aadhar in the get Aadhar section.

Step 3. Fill the info they are asking for like the Aadhar number, captcha code and any other data if needed.

Step 4. Click on send OTP (one-time-password). You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter your OTP in the empty space.

Step 5. You have to go through a small survey after that your Aadhar will be downloaded.

Aadhar card download by Aadhar card number only

Using an Aadhar number to download an Aadhar card is the easiest thing. It takes less than 10 minutes to do so.

In the topmost content of this article, I have already spoken of the methods to download an Aadhar card online but if you want to download an Aadhar card by Aadhar number only then you should choose the Aadhar number in the “I Have” section instead of Virtual ID and Enrollment number. 

Now follow all the steps as instructed above. There’s no need to change any of them.

Aadhar card download online – easy method 

There are many methods to download an Aadhar card online however the effortless one is through UIDAI website using Aadhar number. 

You can also download your Aadhar card through M Aadhar app. M aadhar app is available in play store.

Step by Step guide to download Aadhar card through M Aadhar app.

Step 1. Open your M Aadhar app. 

Step 2. A screen will open like this click on the skip option. 

Step 3. A new screen will open this time, select the “I connect” option.

Step 4. Select your language. After the selection of your language, click on continue.

Step 5. Now enter your registered number. The registered number will be the number which is already linked with your Aadhar card. Then click on Next.

Step 6. You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP then submit it.

Step 7. A new interface will be available now. Here you can see the different options that M aadhar gives. Just select the very first option of “Download Aadhar.”

Step 8.  You can choose any three options available here in the “I Have” section.

Step 9. A new screen will be there. Here you need to fill in some information like Aadhar number and the captcha code. Now click on the Request OTP option.

Step 10. Fill the OTP you get on your registered mobile number and then click on the verify option. 

Your aadhaar card will be downloaded on your mobile/ laptop using M Aadhar. 

That’s it, isn’t it easy? 

These are some of the easiest steps by which you can download your Aadhar card. Follow these steps to download your Aadhar card online without any trouble. These steps will take less than 10 minutes. In this article, you will get all the required knowledge related to e Aadhar and how to easily download an Aadhar card online. Hope this article is informative and helpful to our readers.

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