How to create IRCTC Account

Due to COVID situation, most of the government and private organizations started to make their services available online. Similar to that, the Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has decided to give their services via their website.

How to link Aadhaar Card with IRCTC Account
How to create IRCTC Account

In this article, we will talk about the IRCTC Account in detail and we will also show the step by step process through which anybody can set up his or her IRCTC Account. Scroll down to capture all the details which we have provided below and set up your IRCTC Account within 10 minutes.

What is an IRCTC Account? 

The full form of IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation Limited. By making an IRCTC Account you will be eligible to book tickets or cancel them by visiting their official website. Other than booking and cancelling tickets, other options are also available for IRCTC Account holders but to avail their services it is important to become an IRCTC user. To use IRCTC Account you need to first make it. The official website of IRCTC is known as Jump to the second column if you want to know How to create an IRCTC account

Benefits of having an IRCTC account

1.Saves a lot more time

By using the IRCTC official website, you can save a lot of time. If you have an account there then you can log in to their website and book or cancel any tickets without wasting a single second. You can also book any kind of Tatkal tickets from here. 

2.Easy Refund on Cancellation

The IRCTC said this statement in a tweet, “All of the money will be easily refunded through your bank account if you are going to cancel any ticket through the official website”. Just make sure to cancel the ticket under 48 hours before the trains scheduled departure. 

3.Encourages Online Ticket Booking

The IRCTC department is encouraging and supporting the new normal of online bookings. The website will provide a hassle-free online booking with secure transactions. It will save a lot of your efforts. By home, you will get the privilege of exploring the world. 

How to create an IRCTC account?

We have mentioned all the steps below to demonstrate the whole process of creating an IRCTC account. Follow all the mentioned steps and create your IRCTC account within 10 minutes. 

Step 1 In the first step you need to go to their official website. 


Click on the following link.

This type of page will be wide open on your display. 

Step 2 Now fill every column. Start with username, password then confirm password. Now select a security question and provide answers to that security question. 

Step 3 In step 3, select the preferred language. Two languages are provided to choose, English or Hindi. Choose any one of them.

Step 4 In this step, you need to fill some of your personal details. You can fill all of them or you can just decide to fill the mandatory one’s. For example, Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Occupation, Marital Status, Country, Email, Phone Number.

Step 5 Now fill your detailed residential address. For example, Flat/ Door/ Block Number, Street/ Lane, Area/ Locality, Pin Code, State, City/ Town, Post Office, Phone, Copy Residence to office Address. 

Step 6 Select the checkbox of “I am not a Robot” to verify that you are a living being. 

Step 7 Click on the checkbox which says that you have read all the terms and conditions and you are approving them. 

Step 8 This is the last step, where you have to select the Option to Register. In case you don’t wanna continue then you can go for the Back option also. If you hit the Register button then your IRCTC account has been created successfully. You can make use of it by booking tickets from your home.   

These are the steps to register for an IRCTC account. Follow the article step by step and create a successful IRCTC account. In this article, we discussed about the IRCTC account, it’s usage and how to create. We hope you like this article. Stay connected with us to read more useful articles like this one. 

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